Comply With These Pro Tricks To Protected Eyelash Extensions Spring All The Time’s Podcast

If you’re anything like us, every time you open up your Instagram you in all probability get bombarded with beautiful earlier than and after pictures of ladies with eyelash extensions. But as alluring as they might be, it’s prudent to do your research before leaping in. So do eyelash extensions cause harm to your natural lashes? To get the reply we interviewed Master Lash Artist and Trainer Kyra Skairus.

However, these are false eyelashes and not eyelash extensions. But with proper utility, eyelash extensions is not going to wreck your natural lashes, assures Richardson. Just be mild with them—if you rub the world, the extensions might fall out or pull out no matter hair they are attached to, she says.

  • Our lightweight eyelash extensions are so comfortable and feel so pure, you may overlook you’ve them, however everybody else is bound to notice your wonderful lash line.
  • If utilized appropriately