How to Decide If You Want to Wear a Veil, and If So, What Type?

Womens say that wedding veils have become a popular bridal accessory. They are a great way to complete the bridal look. Modern brides wear the veil to express their personal style while still paying homage to tradition.

This is likely to be the first (and last!) Womens suggest trying out a few different styles, as this is likely to be the first (and only!), it says that longer veils create a dramatic look and add elegance to the bridal look. Shorter veils, on the other hand, are fun and fresh. “Another thing to think about is the Blusher. This is the shorter part of a veil which is worn in front of the bride as she walks the aisle. The blusher is not worn by many brides today, but it can be worn if you prefer a more traditional appearance.

Decide or Not!

Some brides may decide that they do not want to wear a veil to walk down to the aisle or to the ceremony. It doesn’t have to mean that they miss out on the beautiful pictures that veils can create. Women say that even if the bride does not wear a veil down the aisle, having one in the “getting ready” room is essential. This allows the photographer to capture romantic bridal portraits which the bride will treasure forever.

Consider what your more traditional family members expect. You should wear the veil for your own personal style. However, your grandmother or mother may be very happy that you do. Grandmothers and mothers of brides love to see their daughters wearing a veil though.

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