Tips To Get Garden Party Guest Ready This Summer!

Summer is nearly here and that means garden parties are on their way too! Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, looking and feeling great at your garden parties this summer is a must. So, let’s get into it and help you find some serious inspiration ready for the summer. From how to style your bodycon dresses to protecting your skin and

Don’t Forget Your SPF

Our first tip is to make sure you don’t forget your SPF! Sitting out in the sun and soaking up the vitamin D is a great feeling, but it can cause serious damage to your skin. So, before you head, even if it’s going to be overcast, make sure you apply SPF to any skin that will be showing itself to the sun. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable from sunburn and then to be putting yourself at risk at the same time.

Go For Shorts or Midi Skirt

Next up, when it comes to your outfit, we’d always recommend going for shorts or a midi skirt. It’s likely that people will be playing games and you might be sitting down on picnic blankets. So, go for something like cute corset tops with a skort or pair of shorts, or a midi bodycon dress with sandals will look stunning. You’ll be comfortable and look incredible for the whole day!

Plan What You’re Going To Take

Whether you’re asked to or not, taking a little something with you to a garden party is always a good thing to do. If you’re going to a BBQ, consider taking your signature pasta salad or perhaps a summery cheesecake. If it’s just drinks and snacks, take some hummus and veg sticks and then your favourite cocktail ingredients. This could be something simple like Pimms and lemonade, then chop all your fruit and mint at home to add in when you get there. No matter what the occasion is, just take a little something with you to show you’ve put some effort in. The biggest rule is to make sure you take what you want to drink, don’t assume there will be drinks there ready for you!

Ask The Host If They Need Help

Whilst on the topic of taking things with you, you should ask the host if they need any help. Hosting a garden party can be a big responsibility, so find out if there is anything you can do to help take some of the weight off their shoulders. This might be bringing a dessert, coming an hour early to help set up, sorting the playlist for the party or anything in between. This might mean you end up with a small task, but it can make such a big difference to the host to make their life so much easier.

Stay Hydrated

Lastly, make sure you stay hydrated. When the drinks are flowing it can be difficult to remember to have a glass of water, but you’ll need it when you’re out in the sun all day, so, make this a priority! Even if you alternate between water and your cocktails it will make a big difference, and you’ll thank yourself for it the next day.