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What to Know About Bitcoin’s Surge.Bitcoin just hit a record excessive, but there are huge variations between now and the last crypto increase, when digital currencies grew to become a cultural phenomenon. OpenAI Says Elon Musk Tried to Merge It With TeslaIn its first public comment since Mr. Musk sued the synthetic intelligence lab, OpenAI claims he tried to commercialize its operations years ago Technology News. We Want to Hear From You.Boeing’s quality control practices have been criticized after a panel on one of the company’s 737 Max jets blew open during a flight in January. Retro-photography apps that mimic the appearance of analog film formats make your digital files look like they’re from one other period.

  • Biosensing technology developed by engineers has made it possible to create gene check strips that rival conventional lab-based tests in …
  • Massive volcanic events in Earth’s historical past that launched massive quantities of carbon into the ambiance frequently correlate with durations of extreme environmental change and mass extinctions.
  • Accurate ‘time of death’ estimates are a mainstay of murder mysteries and forensic applications, however such calculations in the true world are sometimes advanced and imprecise.